Free and Anonymous Bookmark manager!

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No need of any of your personal data

First, there is no need of your personnal information such as Firstname, email, birthdate. We don't care and asume that we don't need this kind of data to provide You'll use it as you feel, all the data you save in stay in the memory of your browser. I can choose to plug your dropbox account on mozaic to let manage a file on your dropbox with all your bookmarks. Even this way, no need to sign up. When you access to you are at home! Even better, you can delete every information in two clicks and nothing remains!
Free tool which may be useful in many occasions, such as sharing content for teachers, as many links as you want in a few clicks...

Manage your virtual universe let you manage all the links to the content you need, currently, or tomorrow, or later. displays everything in, its name is a guess, a mosaic.

From everywhere can be used without any user data, there is no login, no sign up and it works on nearly every browser. About that, the work will always be on progress. Still, it works on a lot of browsers. So you don't have to bother which browser to use, just access the web and you can easily access your content. From everywhere!

Some files to add in

Click import on, paste on of the links below and enjoy the content!

Default bookmarks in mozaic, which is the first hting you delete when you get there! But to reload from the beginning, use this link : Mozaic.

A few social networks.

The greatest women in mathematics in History.

User manuel (yet to be translated)

Here is the manual of Described in a text, whith screen shots.


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